Songs that are turning 10 years old In 2014 (Based on release dates)

but you still need sleep :-(

zelo talking until he fell asleep


Junhong the Masseur



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Happy New Year with B.A.P!

It’s already 2014 now, and I’d like to make this appreciation post for 2013 is to say, WHAT A YEAR, right? These are some of the memorable dates and events that were unforgettable for our boys, B.A.P and ofc to the BABYS that were there on the current events or not, it doesn’t matter at least u’re there. Have a Happy New Year, may 2014 would be a lot better and more things happened :) (© fancams to the right owners)


Happy New Year to everyone!!

BangLo playing with their legs! ^-^


Junhong performing One Shot on 2013 SBS’ Gayo Daejun